About Fake Edu

The "REAL" Story

Fake Education is the worlds first online sneaker & streetwear authentication guide! Started in 2012 by Antonio Linares after being scammed multiple times for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars with counterfeit sneakers. Today Fake Education is the “official source for Real vs. Fake comparisons!” With over half a million followers & 20+ million weekly impressions on Instagram Fake Education is THE trusted source online.

“There wasn’t any guides or any true trusted sources online for authenticating sneakers, so I decided to self educate myself. I began to research the counterfeit industry, doing comparisons of real & fake sneaker models to arm myself with knowledge so I would never be ripped off again. I started began to show the comparisons on social media because I didn’t want anyone else to get scammed like I did. Fast forward to today and I have built the worlds first authentication guide that helps millions of people on a weekly basis from getting scammed.”

-Antonio Linares

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